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From time to time, information specific to you or your account is gathered for demographic tracking, metrics and billing purposes.  All information obtained is for the purpose of maintaining your account and as an aid in developing ever improving content for our members.  Personally identifiable information remains extremely confidential at all times. conforms to the privacy policies of our Parent Corporation; Skeetobite Studios, Inc., and therefore will never sell, distribute or cause the distribution of confidential information regarding our members, customers, guests or affiliates.  This commitment includes e-mail addresses, private mailing addresses, billing data, confidential points of contact and confidential telephone numbers. does not practice bulk e-mailing (Spamming) to it's members, customers, guests or affiliates.  We may however, maintain newsletters and other mailings to which the client, guest or affiliate may choose to subscribe.  All mail lists offer an "opt out" or unsubscribe feature.

Anonymous Use

Anonymous use of the non-premium content website is always available on the network. gathers data about anonymous users in very general terms.  This data is limited to the referring URL (internet address), the User's IP Address and the visitors use of the individual products or content items within  This data is gathered so we may study what content holds the most value for our guests, allowing us to continually improve each users experience at  At no time is personally identifiable information gathered from our anonymous users.

Dynamic Content

Some dynamic content found at may require that a "cookie" be placed in your browser cache.  Cookies serve as a place holder for you, so when you return, our system will remember you and deliver your favorite content dynamically.

Our commitment to your privacy is taken very seriously.  If you have any questions or comments regarding this privacy statement, feel free to contact us for clarification.

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